She Confronted Her Parents About Her Sister Getting To Attend A Better Summer Camp, And Her Parents Called Her A Brat

A summer ago, when her mom and dad brought up camp for this year, she said she wasn’t going to be going unless they could send her to a camp just like her sister’s. While her parents did find a similar camp, it cost 3 times the amount of her current camp, so they refused to send her.

Instead, they offered to let her go spend a whole week with her grandma if she didn’t want to go to the camp she normally goes to. She picked her camp over her grandma’s place since she thinks her grandma is “more boring” than her camp.

Not too long ago, her parents brought up the camp plans for summer 2023, and she began griping about how the week she spends at camp is the worst week of her summer.

Her parents were not pleased with her response, and they informed her that if she was able to find a camp that cost less than $400, they would be happy to send her somewhere else.

“They’re calling me ungrateful and a brat…” she continued. She’s left wondering if she is acting spoiled about camp. What do you think?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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