She Was Uncomfortable With The Bridesmaid Dress Her Friend Chose, So She Dropped Out Of The Bridal Party, And Now Her Friend Is Furious

So, she even tried to offer a compromise.

She asked if she could possibly wear a dress in a similar shade of green, just with a different silhouette.

Shockingly, though, her friend came back with a pretty snarky remark.

“My friend told me that the day is not about me and that I will just have to put up with being uncomfortable for an evening,” she recalled.

“So, I told her it would be genuinely embarrassing for me to wear the dress and that since I respect her day, I was just going to withdraw from being a bridesmaid so my discomfort doesn’t overshadow her.”

She also reiterated that she was not mad, the dress was beautiful, and she understood why her friend chose it.

But, her friend got seriously pissed off. The friend apparently texted her separately, claiming that she totally embarrassed them in the group chat and that they had no idea why she was so opposed to the dress.

This resulted in her explaining her feelings all over again. However, her friend still did not understand.

Instead, her friend is most upset about how now, their fiancé will have to drop a groomsman or they will have to find another bridesmaid.

But, even after apologizing to her friend for the inconvenience, she has still been shunned by the entire bridal party. 

So now, she is utterly confused about the entire situation.

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