The Chilling Tale Behind What Happened On The Ghost Ship S.S. Ourang Medan

dinostock - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

Ready to hear one of the creepiest stories ever? In honor of Halloween season coming up, it doesn’t hurt to get in the spirit by listening to an intense spooky tale.

This story, in particular, is about the S.S. Ourang Medan, a Dutch vessel that ended up being led to a tragic and mysterious demise along with its passengers in the 1940s.

Although the dates of when exactly all of this went down are unclear, we know that the events took place in the summertime in the 1940s. While passing through the Strait of Malacca, an American vessel named the Silver Star received a terrifying distress call from a nearby charter ship, the S.S. Ourang Medan.

The radio operator on the Ourang Medan sent out the distress signal in morse code. The call read something along the lines of “all officers including captain dead, lying in chartroom and on the bridge, probably whole crew dead.”

Then, the call was ended with perhaps the most chilling message at all, which was simply, “I die.”

A rescue team aboard the Silver Star decided to go find the Ourang Medan and try to help the people aboard. However, once they found the ship, they discovered a horror show.

The entire crew aboard the Ourang Medan was dead. Their bodies were spread all over the vessel. Allegedly, each corpse had a look of absolute fear on their face, with their eyes bulging, mouths open, and arms reaching upwards towards the sky.

The vessel’s only animal aboard, a dog, was found dead too. It had an expression on its face that looked like it had been growling at something evil.

The vessel itself appeared to have no damage, and the rescue team could not figure out what it was that killed each person aboard.

dinostock – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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