A Strange Woman Has Been Following Her Around L.A. And Her Story Is Sure To Have You Always Looking Over Your Shoulder

Fly_dragonfly - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

Ready to hear one of the creepiest stories ever? A young woman living in Los Angeles has been dealing with a chilling situation for the past 3 and a half years.

She moved to L.A. at 19 and lived in an apartment by herself. She also worked at an “exclusive” nightclub and took online classes at the time.

She mentions that no women are ever seen at the club unless they work there. The majority of the customers are men.

One night, she was sitting on a bench outside of the club during her break. She was scrolling through her phone when she noticed a woman standing near her.

She assumed that the woman was there to catch her husband doing something he shouldn’t be doing, but her guess was far from the truth.

The woman was dressed in lavish clothing and had a fancy car with New York license plates which is unusual in L.A. The woman then walked up to her and asked if she could pick up some change that had fallen underneath her car. Sketchy, right?

She told the woman no and went back towards the club. When she told the woman that one of the bouncers could probably help, she declined. She walked back into the club and told her co-workers to be on high alert for the mystery woman in the parking lot.

Then, she went home after her shift to study and go to bed. Her apartment is on the first floor and is in a non-gated area. She can see the parking lot from her living room. 20-25 minutes after she got home, she noticed someone’s phone flashlight shining into her living room window.

“I immediately run to the window, and there it was the same black vehicle parked right in hindsight. I close my blinds and immediately call the police,” she says.

Fly_dragonfly – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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