Her Fiancé Has Not Worked In Months, Yet He Just Spent $1,500 On A Woman

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A 24-year-old girl and her 25-year-old fiancé have been with one another for almost 2 years now, and they currently own a home and share their money.

Back in May, her fiancé completed his Master’s degree and was intending to become a mental health counselor.

Well, it takes quite a while to obtain a license to practice, so her fiancé then wasn’t really working at all.

So, her fiancé was working another job as he waited for his license to come in, but back in August, he decided to just quit.

“I have been working 60-70 hour weeks to support us through my low-paying jobs,” she explained.

“I am also a student, but I had to drop my classes very early in the semester because we could no longer afford them due to my partner not working. He refused to get a job that was not in his field for these past few months.”

“However, he just got a job making an insane amount of money as a warehouse manager. I was incredibly happy about this and thought I would finally be able to go to school.”

Her fiancé then told her that he would not pay for anything crazy on his credit card now that he would be making excellent money, as he has a tendency to splash out on things while she prefers to save her money.

Another thing worth mentioning is that her fiancé recently started a counseling business along with a woman named Jane, who her fiancé met in his Master’s program.

neonshot – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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