Her Husband Organized A Dinner For Her Birthday, But She Didn’t Show Up After She Heard That He Was Going To Pull A Prank On Her

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A 26-year-old girl is married to a man who is well known for playing pranks on people, and every time that she has a birthday, he really takes that as an opportunity to pull some funny business.

Her husband always claims that she is too dramatic and needs to relax every time he pulls something on her, but she doesn’t agree.

She always is left feeling upset with him, and she hates when people laugh at her or record the prank that her husband pulls on her.

So, this week, she turned 26, and her husband decided to have a birthday dinner for her at a nearby restaurant.

“I told him I wouldn’t go if he was going to pull one of those pranks he’s famous for because it’s a public place, and I did not want to be publicly humiliated,” she explained.

“He swore on his mom, on the bible, promised me, and brought two witnesses. He wrote an agreement stating he’d pay $ money if he pulled a prank. I believed him and said that I’d go. I had to cancel with my parents, who wanted to celebrate at their house.”

“The day of my birthday, I got a text from one of his friend’s wives telling me she heard him tell her husband about the prank he was going to pull on me at the restaurant. I was stunned as she detailed what the plan was going to be. I felt so upset and anxious. He already went ahead and got to the restaurant to make sure all was set.”

She wound up not going to her birthday dinner. As soon as her husband realized that she was not showing up, he began texting her and calling her, saying the party was going to begin and she wasn’t even there.

She then turned her phone off completely and went to see her mom and dad.

ViDi Studio – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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