Her Husband’s Friend Is About To Move Into Their House, And After She Asked Him If He Planned On Bringing His Wife’s Ashes With Him, Her Husband Called Her Cruel

vladteodor - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A young woman is married to her husband, who is 31, and her husband has a friend who is about to move into their house.

Her husband’s friend sadly lost his wife a couple of months ago, and he chose to have her cremated.

Her husband’s friend currently keeps his wife’s ashes in the home that they shared, but he’s about to lose that house.

He had to pay a lot of medical debts, and now that he’s about to be homeless, he wanted to know if he could stay with them for several weeks while he works out what to do next.

Her husband’s friend revealed all of this to them during dinner one evening, and her husband jumped at the chance to help his friend out.

“I, for some reason, kept thinking about his wife’s ashes,” she explained. “Now, I’m not a fan of cremation, but obviously, I can’t control how others choose to honor their deceased loved ones. But still, seeing ashes or being around them gives off weird vibes that I cannot control.”

“I decided to speak up and asked his friend if he was going to bring his wife’s ashes as well. His friend got quiet, and my husband gave me a death stare.”

When her husband’s friend left their home that night, her husband absolutely lost it on her. He demanded to know why she would ask something like that, and she replied that she wanted to know the answer because she feels uncomfortable around ashes.

Her husband pointed out that what she said was not sensitive at all, and it made his friend feel unwelcome.

vladteodor – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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