Move Over Charcuterie Boards, Because Butter Boards Are The Latest Thing

The latest TikTok food trend has emerged in the form of butter boards, not to be confused with charcuterie boards; those are so overdone by now.

A butter board is exactly what it sounds like. It’s butter slathered on a wooden board or dish and is typically served with bread or crackers.

This sounds deceptively simple, but the fun part about it is you can get creative with butter by adding all kinds of ingredients – sauces, spices, fruits – and make a pretty centerpiece that all your dinner guests will be in awe of.

It’s definitely a dish that’s perfect for social gatherings and an opportunity for you to show off your artistic talents.

Some social media users have even used bacon, cheese, nuts, and various vegetables. You can opt for a more savory or sweet board – or maybe even a mix of both.

It’s out with the old and in with the new, so move over charcuterie boards and make way for the butter board!

Michael Finch (@michaelfinch) on TikTok has his own butter board recipe, with the video garnering over hundreds of thousands of likes. Here’s his take on the viral butter board.

Michael uses a block of unsalted, grass-fed organic butter, and using a knife, he smears the butter across a large white platter (make sure you soften your butter before doing this).

TikTok; pictured above is Michael’s butter board

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