She Disinvited Her Niece From Trick-Or-Treating After Her Niece Made A Totally Inappropriate Comment To Her Daughter

“Well, it’s true. The baby died in you, so you unalived him,” her niece said.

She was shocked by her niece’s response and asked where she had heard that. But then, she learned that her sister had apparently told her niece that. And at that point, she just decided to call her sister early and have her come pick up her niece. After all, her daughter was no longer in any mood to play with her niece anyway.

But when her sister arrived and she explained the situation, her sister’s response to the entire ordeal really blew her mind.

“Well, it’s not a lie. The baby did die inside of you. That, in turn, means you unalived him,” her sister actually responded.

She could not believe she was hearing that from an adult and immediately told both her sister and niece to get out of her house. She also took that opportunity to inform her niece that she was no longer welcome for trick-or-treating. Her sister did not take that well, though, and started to scream at her while they walked to the car. In fact, her sister called her a horrible person for taking back the invite.

Still, the drama did not end there– because after the fight, word about what had happened apparently got to her mother. So, her mom is trying to convince her to change her mind and let her niece trick-or-treat with her daughter on Halloween.

Honestly, though, she admitted that she refuses to let that happen. And now, she has just been left wondering whether or not her decision makes her a jerk.

Why do you think her niece was told that? Isn’t she entitled to an apology from both of them before she allows her niece to go trick-or-treating? How would you have handled this situation had you been in her shoes?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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