She Does Not Want Her Husband To Walk His Sister Down The Aisle Because She Thinks It Would Be “Odd” 

First, Beth apparently had an attitude– probably because she was poking her nose into other people’s business. But, she seemingly did not take the hint and kept going. So then, Beth said that she was only upset because of her own selfish reasons and not actually about the “wedding tradition.”

“Beth implied that I was just saying this and objecting because of how I feel about the situation– not how our traditions should be practiced,” she said.

And that spurred a pretty big argument, in which she ended up just leaving and going home. Afterward, she also got into an argument with her husband Mike– who believes that she is being totally unreasonable for a few reasons.

First, Mike is angry that her meddling could possibly cause him to miss partaking in his sister’s wedding. Plus, Mike actually shared how he felt honored to be asked to walk Beth down the aisle and feels it will only make the day more sentimental.

So now, she is caught in the middle of her husband and sister-in-law and is not sure if not wanting her husband to walk Beth down the aisle makes her a total jerk.

Why do you think she cares about her husband walking his sister down the aisle? Is it really about “tradition” or something larger? If you were in her shoes, how would you feel? 

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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