She Hosted A Family Dinner For Her In-Laws But Ended Up Kicking Everyone Out After They Made Her Feel Totally Uncomfortable In Her Own Home

Still, her husband was very happy with all of the preparations– so she just tried to ignore her sister-in-law’s disgusted face.

Well, that was until her sister-in-law started vocalizing her feelings and making some really rude comments– including “Why did you do all of this?” and “That’s not how we throw dinners here.”

Her sister-in-law also said that “Brazilians are so much” and claimed that the Brazilian barbecue was going to give her a stomachache in the morning.

“My sister-in-law even went through every pot, the stove, the fridge, kind of like inspecting all of it,” she said.

And after her sister-in-law started being so loud about her opinions, Daniel’s other family members began taking back their initial compliments and replaced them with even more disapproving looks.

It’s as if they were trying to act just like her sister-in-law and as if she had somehow insulted them by cooking them a nice dinner– which is just bizarre.

“Things were very tense. I just felt so uncomfortable and out of place in my own home,” she vented.

But, the real kicker did not come until midway through the dinner. While she was enjoying the food she had worked hard on all day, her sister-in-law decided to make one last jab.

“From now on, all dinners will happen in my house because we like things simple here,” her sister-in-law actually said.

And at that point, she was done taking the heat for no reason and decided to stand up for herself. So, she got up from the dinner table, began removing all of the food, and told everyone off. Then, she kicked Daniel’s family out.

“Thank you for coming. But, as I noticed, none of you appreciate my efforts to make a nice gesture. I don’t appreciate being belittled in my own house, so please see your way out,” she told Daniel’s family.

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