She Threw A Drink On Her Mother-In-Law’s Dress And Is Considering Divorcing Her Husband After They Both Made Terrible Comments About Her Son

And after she collected her thoughts that night, she decided to post on Facebook the next morning. In the post, she detailed how Harry’s family would no longer be welcome at any milestone events for her children. She also revealed that she would no longer be participating in any family events with Harry’s family.

So now, it has been a few days since everything happened, and Harry has been sleeping at his mother’s house. And apparently, after only trying to apologize for a few hours after the reunion, Harry has been trying to spin his behavior as her fault.

“Harry is saying that I ‘knew his beliefs when I married him’ and that I ‘ruined my mother-in-law’s nice dress.’ So, I have no right to be angry,” she explained.

In turn, her entire marriage just feels completely wrong now. She no longer sees love when she looks at Harry and has no idea how her husband could hurt their son– someone he is supposed to love.

So, she has been left wondering if she should leave Harry and get a divorce. Or, if she really did blow things out of proportion and ruined the reunion by throwing a drink on her mother-in-law’s dress.

Do you think she had every right to ruin her mother-in-law’s dress? What about Harry– should she consider getting a divorce if her husband is going to act that way? How would you handle this situation if you were in her shoes?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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