She Was Dubbed The World’s Ugliest Woman, And Then After Her Death, She Was Mummified Before Being Put On Display

So, word spread quickly about Julia’s unique appearance, and even Governor Pedro Sanchez eventually caught wind. But, this sparked the downfall of Julia’s individuality and freedom– because Sanchez only went on to adopt Julia just to have “live-in amusement.”

Sideshow Star

Julia ultimately worked for Governor Sanchez until she was twenty years old. Then, she reportedly decided to travel home to her Indigenous community in Mexico and live out a life of peace.

Sadly, though, Julia never made it home and instead got thrust into the growing world of carnival entertainment. It is unclear exactly how she entered the sideshow business– moreover, whether it was by choice or not.

Some sources report that while Julia was traveling back to Mexico, she encountered an American showman who convinced her to launch a sideshow career.

However, other sources tell a much more inhumane story– in which Julia was bought by a Mexican customs administrator and exhibited against her will.

Nonetheless, she ended up in America by 1854 and debuted in New York City’s Gothic Hall in December of that year. During that show, Julia donned a red dress, sang Spanish songs, and performed under the title of “Marvellous Hybrid or Bear Woman.”

Medical Scrutiny

The public was obviously uninformed about Julia’s physical differences at that time, so her debut performance prompted a ton of intrigue in the medical community. And over the years, she would be subjected to countless cruel medical examinations.

In fact, the first doctor to ever examine Julia, Alexander B. Matt, claimed that she was half-orangutan and half-human. Then, another doctor declared that Julia must have been inhuman and instead a part of a “distinct species.”

And tragically, none of the doctors who ever examined Julia actually spoke to her about her history or experiences.

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