She’s Convinced Her Best Friend Has Autism But Hasn’t Been Diagnosed, And Her Best Friend’s Behavior Is Making Major Problems In Their Group Of Friends

CandyRetriever - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A 33-year-old woman has a best friend the same age as her named Claire, and they’ve been close for 5 years now.

She initially met Claire through a group meetup, and they instantly connected over recently leaving their group of friends that they each had been tight with for a while.

She really just felt that she drifted apart from that specific group of friends that she had, but Claire actually got asked to leave her friend group.

“She confided in me that the women of that group had called her incredibly judgemental and lacking empathy, and while I related to it in some way, I think I should have asked more questions at the time,” she explained.

Lately, over the course of a couple of months, the new group of friends that she and Claire share have approached her about having problems with Claire.

Her friends have mentioned that Claire is nasty, commanding, hypercritical, and not a nice person to spend time with.

Her friends then wanted to know if everything was alright with Claire, and while she did say that things were fine, she stopped to think about Claire’s behavior.

In the last year, she thinks that Claire’s behavior has been everything that her friends have said. Additionally, if she thinks back to what Claire had shared about how her former friends felt, she can see things from their side.

“She IS incredibly judgemental and controlling,” she said. “You can’t be emotional without her kind of being an ass with “comforting” you. One of our mutual friends slept with a guy on the first date, and Claire commented, “Seems like she lacked self-preservation if you ask me.” I didn’t say anything, as I was seething in my head.”

CandyRetriever – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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