The Hair Stylist Says That How You Wear Your Hair While Working Out Could Be A Major Problem

Ponytails are a staple hairstyle for anyone with long hair. It’s easy, simple, and stylish. Celebrities are always wearing sleek ponytails to fancy events.

Look at Ariana Grande and her signature pony!

Furthermore, most people like throwing their hair back in a messy ponytail when running errands or working out at the gym. But some experts have warned that the ponytail is the culprit to hair damage and breakage.

Tom Smith (@tomsmithhd) is a celebrity hairstylist who is all about hair health. He informs those who exercise that ponytails are harming your hair.

One Sunday morning, Tom saw a girl jogging. He couldn’t help but notice that the girl’s hair was swishing side to side across her back. He likened it to ‘whiplash for your hair.’

“If you go for a run and you have your hair loose whipping back and forth, it’s an absolute recipe for split ends and really dry friction burn on the ends of your hair,” he warns.

Tom advises those with long hair to tightly wrap or braid those locks into a neat little bun so that it’s not moving as you run.

According to Tom, this is the best way to avoid ruining your hair during your morning jog.

TikTok; pictured above is Tom in his video

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