This 17-Year-Old Blew Up On Her Parents And Told Them That Her Sister With ASD Is Not Her Responsibility

Viktoria - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

This girl is seventeen years old and has a twenty-three-year-old sister who has Autism spectrum disorder. And honestly, she has never really had a great relationship with her sister.

“I have come to strongly dislike her. My sister has always had tantrums and destroyed my things– whether it be toys, electronic devices, or relationships,” she recalled.

“And my parents always come up with excuses about how it is okay and how I do not need help or compensation.”

But, the bigger issue that has seriously upset her concerns her parents– more specifically, how her parents expect her to always look after her sister.

She claims that she is often left to babysit her sister by herself without any proper instructions. And if she ever voices how much that upsets her, she just gets punished.

Her parents have decided to pay her for her time– about nine dollars an hour– in recent years. However, she is still left alone with her sister for hours and sometimes even days on end.

“I learned to cope and just watch her. And now I can do it safely and easily, but I still really want to do normal teenager stuff,” she revealed.

So, she applied to a steakhouse nearby and secured a job there. She has also found a place to live after she turns eighteen. And in the meantime, she had been trying to limit her babysitting time while looking forward to her high school graduation.

In fact, she planned a graduation party for the end of this year and had been super excited about it. Recently, though, she learned that even that milestone might get clouded by her parents’ lack of accountability.

Viktoria – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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