Her Boyfriend Pays For Everything In Their Relationship, And She’s Explaining What She Brings To The Table To Make It Work

Imagine your significant other paying for everything in your relationship. For most couples, this isn’t the case. The bills are shared so that one person isn’t financially responsible for two. But what TikToker @realhannahchan calls “Polarisation” is the exact opposite of this.

Although this practice in a relationship can be somewhat old-fashioned, Hannah has a different take on how this works in their relationship.

“Instead of going 50/50 on everything, we go 100/100 on our respective roles,” she said. “We both run our own businesses, so we both make money.”

Hannah and her boyfriend implement “Polarisation” by splitting up different aspects of their relationship, although at first, it may seem that her boyfriend pays for more than she does.

“We mainly spend his money, so I have his bank attached to my Apple Pay,” she said. “He pays 100% of the rent and the bills.”

Some may think that she’s mooching off of his success since he pays the bills and for all of their dates. But Hannah claims that she had to pay when she lived on her own.

“Before anyone calls me like a gold digger or says that I’m dependent on him, I have lived in this apartment for two years before him, and I’ve paid 100% for myself,” she said.

By the way that Hannah explains this, the structure of their relationship resembles the homemaking “rules” of the 1950s, where the woman is the housewife, and the man makes money. Outsiders who don’t understand “Polarisation” may think the same.

TikTok; pictured above is Hannah in one of her videos

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