While She Was Deployed, Her Boyfriend Was Cheating On Her In Her Own Home, And She Found Out From Her Security Cameras

What’s worse than your boyfriend cheating on you? Perhaps it’s your boyfriend cheating on you while you are deployed overseas.

TikTok creator Chelsea Boe, @boepeepk9, caught her boyfriend cheating on her in her own house while she was deployed. This may just be motivation enough to purchase security cameras for your own house.

Although both she and her now ex-boyfriend were serving overseas, he was able to return home faster than she was, which is exactly what started the ball rolling on the end of their relationship.

“So this guy’s Army, I’m Air Force. I’m deployed overseas, and he was too,” she began. “So he gets home from his deployment, doesn’t have his truck, needs a ride home.”

This is where it all starts to fall apart since he decides that his best option for a ride home is another woman.

“Who does he get? Mystery girl to drive him home,” she said. “My friend and I had checked the cameras and see everything.”

Chelsea really means everything. In a different video with no voiceover, she showed what her cameras picked up that night.

The footage is clear– he was definitely cheating on her. A naked woman in your kitchen, when only your boyfriend is there, is absolutely enough evidence to prove that theory, which is exactly what the cameras showed.

TikTok; pictured above is Chelsea in her video

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