19 Minors Trespassed On His Rental Property And Threw A Pool Party, So He Held Them Until The Police Arrived, And Demanded They Pay Him For The Damages, But Now His Husband Is Claiming He Was Too Harsh

Vasyl - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual people

This man currently owns a nice house equipped with an outdoor kitchen and pool that he rents out for parties and weekenders. But this past weekend, he had to deal with trespassers and thieves on his property.

It all began on Friday when he went to the grocery store to pick up drinks, meats, and various other items to stock in the outdoor kitchen.

The house had been booked for a party on Sunday, so he made sure that the kitchen was packed and ready for hosting.

Then, on Saturday, he received a random call from his brother, who asked if he had rented out the house that day.

He was shocked and told his brother no. Then, he learned that his brother had passed by the house and heard very loud music coming from the backyard, in addition to numerous voices.

So, he phoned the police and told his brother to meet him at the home. He also traveled there with his own husband.

And when he arrived, he discovered that there were about twenty people splashing in the pool, drinking his beverages, and having a barbecue with all of the groceries he had purchased for Sunday’s party.

“Apparently, they used a ladder to jump over the wall. The wall had a ‘broken’ fence and will be replaced tomorrow. It’s the only wall that faces the street,” he explained.

If you could not have guessed, though, as soon as the perpetrators saw him, they attempted to flee the premises.

Vasyl – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual people

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