After Her Niece Asked Why She And Her Husband Wouldn’t Be At Her Birthday Party, She Was Honest And Said It Was Because Her Husband Was Not Welcome

Her mother and sister also happened to work in the same hospital. So, they watched as her husband experienced the worst moment of his life.

“They saw as medical personnel was forced to intervene because he was in the middle of a breakdown, hysterical and totally out of it. He was totally broken, and nothing could reach him,” she explained.

“It was the scariest moment of my life. The worst moment of his.”

Rather than understanding how her husband’s trauma manifested during her miscarriage, though, her mother and sister actually just judged him for “laughing”– one of the most common ways people deal with grief, might I add.

Then, they actually told all of the other adults in her family about the incident– who also ended up judging him for his reaction to the situation. What’s most disheartening about this, though, is that her entire family was aware of her husband’s history. In fact, her husband had even personally told them all about it years prior.

Anyway, her husband ended up receiving care from a psychiatrist who suggested that he needed much more intervention than just therapy alone could provide. And while he navigated that distressing time in his recovery, her family no longer wanted anything to do with his husband.

“They said a man who could laugh at his own wife’s miscarriage was not the kind of man they wanted around the kids. I told them I would not leave him behind,” she said.

So, she and her husband have not attended any family events since. And this hurt not only them but also her niece– who she spoke to just recently.

Apparently, her niece is turning twelve this year and has been planning her first big birthday party since the COVID-19 pandemic. And last week, her niece called her and said that she wanted her and her husband there.

However, her niece noticed that she and her husband were not on the invite list. So, she was forced to tell her niece that she was sorry but that she and her husband would not be able to come.

Well, her niece was understandably upset and then asked her numerous questions. First, she was asked why her niece never saw her. Then, her niece asked why she would not go to the birthday party and why she and her husband miss all of the birthday parties now.

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