She Didn’t Give Her Brother’s Kids The Expensive Birthday Gifts She Bought For Them After Her Brother Stole Her Lego Sets Out Of Her Office To Let The Kids Play With

ty - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

A 28-year-old woman who is on the spectrum really does not enjoy children at all, and she’s not signing up to be a mom ever.

She owns her own home, and her mom and dad live in a suite in the basement of her house. Recently, her brother came to visit, and he brought along his wife and children.

Her mom and dad asked if her brother and his family could come to stay with her in the upper part of the house, as they would feel too squished with everyone in the basement.

She did say yes to just her brother and his wife staying with her, but she wanted his kids to remain downstairs with her parents.

“I have an office in my home,” she explained. “I keep boxes of brand new Legos in my office. Building the kits helps me relax. Afterward, I keep the minifigs, and I donate the pieces and plans to a woman’s shelter, so the kids have something to play with.”

Now, she leaves her office in a state of what she describes as “controlled chaos” while she does keep the rest of her house extremely organized and tidy.

Her brother is aware of all the Legos in her office, and one day while he was visiting, he wanted to know if she would let his kids play with her Lego sets.

She told her brother the kids couldn’t play with them, as if they lost any of the pieces, it would make her crazy.

Well, this past Sunday, she went grocery shopping, but when she returned home, she spotted several missing Lego sets that were no longer in her office where she had left them.

ty – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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