Ever Since Getting A Puppy With Her Boyfriend, Her Relationship Has Been Falling Apart, But She Is Not Sure If It Is Really Because Of The Puppy Or Something Else

berezko - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

This young woman in her twenties has been dating her boyfriend, who is in his thirties, for two years, and they have been living together for over a year now.

And even though their relationship had been going great, that all changed a few months ago after they got a puppy.

Bringing a four-legged friend into their lives was primarily her idea, but she claims that her boyfriend was also on board with it. In fact, he even suggested that he pay for the pup for her birthday.

The decision to get a puppy was not a hasty one, either. The couple actually contemplated the idea for about six months and even discussed how their caretaking arrangement would work first.

“Before we got the puppy, we agreed that the puppy would be mostly my responsibility since I am the one who really wants to have a dog in my life. So, he wouldn’t be doing much of the training or care,” she recalled.

Then, after getting those details settled, she and her boyfriend finally pulled the trigger and bought the puppy.

She ended up paying for the puppy itself. Then, her boyfriend insisted on splitting the supplemental costs– such as the puppy’s crate, dog bed, and training classes– which she was thrilled about.

After only having the puppy for a couple of weeks, though, she and her boyfriend got into a massive argument over their new pet.

Apparently, her boyfriend claimed he had no idea how much work raising a puppy was going to be.

berezko – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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