He Decided To Skip A Pizza Party Hosted By His Girlfriend’s Friends And Canceled The Day Before, So Now They Are Mad At Him, And He Doesn’t Want To Go To Their Christmas Party

LIGHTFIELD STUDIOS - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

This thirty-year-old man has been seeing a woman, who is twenty-six, and recently got to meet some of her friends.

They were all introduced during a dinner a few months ago, where he paid for everyone’s meals and thought everything went great.

Then, following the dinner’s success, his girlfriend’s friends decided to invite him to a day drink pizza party with board games and other activities. Well, he actually got the invitation through his girlfriend– but he agreed to go nonetheless.

Come the day before the party, though, he apparently “was not really feeling it”– especially because he has been trying to cut back on drinking and eat healthier.

So, he decided to cancel and do his own thing that day. After all, he and his girlfriend already had a bunch of other plans together for the weekend, so he did not believe it was a big deal.

“Probably a jerk for that [canceling], but I don’t think it’s major to cancel, and the girl I am seeing was okay with it,” he recalled.

And now, just this past week, he has been invited to another gathering with his girlfriend’s friends.

But this time, it is a Christmas dinner– which he heard about through his girlfriend again– that he is expected to actually show up to this time.

“[My girlfriend] says I can’t skip, and all her friends are mad at me because they had to pay for my share of the food from the pizza party, and they feel like I left her alone,” he revealed.

LIGHTFIELD STUDIOS – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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