He Was Shocked His Boyfriend Turned The Heat On Without Asking And Told Him He Needed To Get Permission Next Time

rh2010 - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This young man, who is twenty-six years old, has been dating his boyfriend, who is twenty-five, for over a year now. And for the most part, their relationship has been progressing well, and they are both pretty happy.

Just recently, though, something popped up in their relationship that kind of made him question his boyfriend’s manners. And now, he is not so sure if he handled the situation correctly.

It all began when his boyfriend’s roommate tested positive for COVID-19. And, of course, his boyfriend did not want to stick around and come down with the virus, too. So, his boyfriend ended up asking if he could crash at his place for the week.

“And because I had it [COVID-19] recently, I agreed,” he recalled.

He and his boyfriend living together for the week had started out great, too. Well, that was until a few days ago, when he headed out for the gym and left his boyfriend alone at his place.

Then, by the time he returned from the gym, he realized that his boyfriend had cranked up the heat at his house– something that annoyed him beyond belief.

According to him, he could not believe that his boyfriend would “do such a thing” without at least asking him first.

To be honest, though, he made it clear that his annoyance is not rooted in anything financial. More specifically, he has no problem affording the energy bill with or without heat included.

“It’s just that my boyfriend is turning on something that costs me– another person– money,” he vented.

rh2010 – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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