Her Brother Explicitly Said No Plus Ones Were Allowed At His Wedding, But She Still Brought Her Disabled Boyfriend Anyway, And Her Brother Freaked Out

Anyway, she ended up pointing out to her brother that her boyfriend was not being distracting or causing any scenes at the wedding.

“My boyfriend just remained quiet and respectful of everyone around him,” she noted.

Still, her brother claimed that did not matter at all. Instead, her brother accused her of stomping all over his wedding boundaries and completely disregarding his rules.

Plus, her brother said that because of that, he lost all of the respect and trust he had in her.

She has since discussed the whole issue with her parents, who apparently understood her perspective on the rule. At the same time, though, her parents also pointed out how it was still her brother’s wedding.

So, they believe that she should have respected her brother’s wishes, regardless of her own opinion.

Anyway, since the wedding, she has not been able to speak to her brother. She has been trying to call his cell phone nonstop, but whenever her brother answers, he keeps hanging up on her.

Plus, his new wife apparently even texted her and told her to quit blowing up her brother’s phone.

So now, she has been left replaying the entire situation in her head.

On the one hand, she really does not think it was a big deal that she brought her boyfriend and believes her brother totally overreacted.

At the same time, though, she can’t help but wonder if directly going against her brother’s request on his wedding day was a really selfish thing to do.

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