Her Ex Knocked Up Her Sister, So She Hasn’t Spent Thanksgiving With Her Family In A Decade And Her Mom Really Wants Her To Come Home This Year

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A woman works as a flight attendant for a big airline, and she always ends up working on holidays because that’s part of her job.

Lately, she’s been working enough hours that she could request any holiday or time off that she desires, but honestly, she has zero interest in doing this, and her family is to blame.

“For the past decade, I’ve skipped major family holidays and events like weddings and christenings,” she explained.

“Part of it has to do with something that happened a long time ago. Long story short, my ex knocked up my sister, and they got married.”

“I have no interest in them and haven’t met their children. I haven’t even gone back to my hometown since their engagement announcement.”

When her mom and dad found out about her sister getting pregnant by her ex, they were completely upset.

Then, her sister announced that she was getting married, and her mom and dad said they would not attend her wedding, and they stuck to their guns.

As soon as her sister gave birth, though, her parents caved and started having a relationship with her sister again.

Her mom desperately wanted to be a grandma, and her sister was the only sibling of hers that went on to have children.

DisobeyArt – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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