Her Friends Were Always Mocking Her For Driving An Old Car, So She Finally Told Them Their Expensive Cars Were “Useless Status Symbols” That Were A Bad Investment 

So, as you can imagine, the constant mocking gets pretty annoying. And in the past, she has often tried to just shut her friends down or change the topic.

For instance, she commonly reminds her friends that she plans to drive the Honda until it dies and then brings up another topic of conversation. Recently, though, she was forced to speak up for herself once and for all.

For context, she just finally bought her own house– an accomplishment that so many people look forward to in life. Rather than celebrating that, though, her friends continued to make her Honda a talking point.

In fact, they actually started ragging on her about how she is going to have such a nice house yet park the old Honda in the driveway. Her friends claimed it was “a shame” and that her car was going to be such an eyesore.

And at that moment, she was sick of hearing about her car and decided to tell her friends off once and for all.

She first told them that she chose not to buy a new car because cars are simply expensive. But then, after her friends continued forcing the topic and claiming they did not understand how they could afford nice cars and she couldn’t, she finally spoke her mind.

“I said, ‘Well, I don’t understand how I can afford a house and you guys can’t. Maybe it’s because of all the money you have wasted on your useless status symbols,” she told her friends.

“I can afford to buy fancy German cars like yours, but it is a bad investment and a waste of money.”

And after that, her friends became seriously pissed off. They accused her of being a jerk for calling their cars “useless status symbols” and claimed that they worked hard to buy their cars– just like she worked hard to buy her home.

Plus, her comments have since caused a huge rift to develop in the friend group, and things are a bit awkward now.

Honestly, though, she feels like her friends had it coming, and she would never have said anything about their financial decisions if they did not constantly mock hers.

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