Her Parents Want Her To Miss An Event To Watch Her Younger Sisters While They Take Her Brother To A 2-Day Science Fair, But She Is Sick Of Making Sacrifices For Her Siblings

The first time was when she took photos for a class at school. The pictures came out great and were even supposed to be displayed at an art gallery exhibit meant to highlight talented youth.

Unfortunately, though, her parents said they could not afford to visit the gallery or leave her siblings behind for the trip. So, she was forced to turn down the opportunity, and her photos were never displayed at the gallery.

The second time was when her best friend wanted to take her on vacation. Her best friend’s family had even generously offered to pay for all of her trip expenses. To her surprise, though, her parents turned down that opportunity for her.

Apparently, they claimed that they needed her help at home and that her best friend’s family should not have had to pay so much money for her.

Anyway, having to miss all of these opportunities over the years understandably upset her. So, once she turned sixteen last year and was able to get a job, she jumped at the chance– even though her parents were not thrilled.

“We had some disagreements about me working when I started last year. My parents didn’t love it,” she revealed.

“But I wanted to have money. I wanted to be able to afford things and do stuff without being told it was not in the family budget.”

And she did just that. She even saved up enough money to buy tickets to a weekend event that all of her friends were going to– which she was ecstatic about.

Unfortunately, though, it appears that her siblings’ care will be raining on another one of her big accomplishments again.

For context, her fifteen-year-old brother was recently asked to represent his grade at a science fair. The problem, though, is that the science fair is a two-day event that is several hours away from her home.

And for whatever reason, her parents are now willing to make that trek for her brother. Her parents and brother are either going to spend two nights there if they drive home very late on the last night of the fair or three nights if they leave the morning after the fair ends.

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