Her Parents Wanted To Sell Their Home And Move In With Her, But She Told Her Parents She Wants To Put Them In A Retirement Home, And They Flipped

So, as you can see, she and her brother lead two very different lifestyles. And recently, after her parents dropped a bomb on her, this became a major problem.

It all began when her parents decided, totally out of the blue, that they were going to sell their home and live with her family on the west coast.

Now, she does have a large property equipped with an in-law suite in a high-cost-of-living city. But, she just did not want her parents living with her since they had such a strained relationship over the years– and her husband agreed.

Anyway, she ended up telling her parents no, and they basically freaked out on her. Apparently, her parents had already put their home up for sale and claimed that a “dutiful daughter” would help care for her parents in their old age.

She was not going to let her parents guilt trip her, though, and instead came up with another solution. First, she told her parents to give her all of the money from their home sale. Then, she offered to find them a nice retirement home where they could live, and she would handle all of the bills until they passed away.

Well, if you could not have guessed, her parents hated that idea. And after hearing it, they even called her an ungrateful child and claimed her care was “expected.”

So, she was forced to turn to the last resort. She sent her parents a check large enough to cover one year’s worth of rent, utilities, food, and sundries.

“I also said I moved out one year after I turned eighteen and that they were responsible for me up to that point. I then told them not to contact me again without going through my lawyer,” she said.

Ever since she decided to stick it to her parents, though, she has had to dodge them left and right because they keep trying to contact her. On top of that, the rest of her family from both back home and in the U.S. caught wind of what she said to her parents. So now, they are calling her a total jerk, too.

The real kicker, though, is that her brother reached out to her following the debacle and actually claimed that she was making the family “look bad” by refusing to take her parents in. And at that point, she was over him.

So, she told her brother to either take their parents in himself or never bring up the topic with her again. Or else, she threatened to go no contact with him, too.

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