Her Sister Referred To Her Husband’s Late Wife As An “Ex-Toy” And Claimed Her Husband Should Have No Photos Of His Late Wife In The House, So She Kicked Her Sister Out

millaf - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

This young woman has been with her husband for six years and married to him for four years now. But, just a few months before they met, her husband was grieving a horrible tragedy.

Apparently, her husband had already gotten married to his first wife when he was younger. Tragically, though, his first wife passed away in a car accident– and he was utterly devastated.

While mourning the loss of his late wife, though, she and her husband met. But from the beginning, she never wanted to take his late wife’s place.

“I never expected to ‘replace’ his late wife in any way, and I considered myself another chapter in his life,” she explained.

“I was warmly accepted into the family and his circle of friends.”

So, there were never any problems with her and her husband’s late wife both being a part of different times of his life. Well, that was until just recently, when her sister blatantly disrespected his late wife’s memory.

It all began after her sister fell on some hard times. She lost her job, apartment, and bills were stacking up. So, she generously offered to take her sister into her and her husband’s home.

Then, one night while her husband was out of the house, her sister was kind of snooping around the house when she wandered into her husband’s home office. And inside the office, her sister found a framed photo of him and his late wife.

Apparently, the photo was just a typical couple photo– not from their wedding or anything. And since her husband did not have any children with his late wife, she understands that pictures are all he has. So, he keeps that one photo in the house in his late wife’s honor.

millaf – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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