Her Rich Friend Hates Kids, Yet She Scoops Up Free Baby Things Online In Order To Sell Them And Make Money, So She Publicly Called Her Out

Valua Vitaly - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This woman is currently pregnant, and so she ended up joining a local online group for moms. Frequently, moms will post about baby or mom things that they have for free.

Recently, she realized that one of her friends had made a fake account and was responding to these posts, wanting a couple of pretty expensive baby items.

After a bit of sleuthing, she found out that her friend has been picking up free baby stuff in order to turn around and sell it to make money.

“I found countless posts where she begged and claimed things and then found those items for sale/sold,” she explained.

“This annoyed me- deeply. This woman HATES children and is not struggling whatsoever. Born wealthy and married wealthy. Always bragging. Never without.”

“So I simply said, “WTF, you don’t even have kids.” In response to her claiming dibs on a NIB-free B-pump in the comments. This group is specifically for expecting and current parents- only. They make it very clear when joining. There are actual needy mothers who would be so happy for these gifts and donations. She has the luxury of being on her phone 24/7 and seemingly is good at commenting first.”

Also, while she was doing some digging on her friend’s online activity, she found her friend involved in other groups posting baby things for free that her friend happily scooped up.

After she made that public comment to her friend calling her out, she noticed that her friend erased all of her own comments from the group.

“I understand some may say it was none of my business,” she said. “That maybe she is needing money. Don’t hate the hustle. I should want her to get what she wants. I can’t agree with taking from needy families to fuel her daily Starbucks and Ulta trips.”

Valua Vitaly – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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