His Girlfriend And Her Friends Totally Ignored Him At A Pumpkin Patch, So He Decided To Leave And Got Accused Of Leaving His Girlfriend Stranded

Dasha Petrenko - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

This twenty-seven-year-old man has been dating his girlfriend, who is twenty-two, for about six months now.

And even though he claims to be out of the “whole cutesy date” phase at this point, he recently agreed to go to a pumpkin patch with his girlfriend and her friends.

After all, he was apparently told that the outing was supposed to be a “couples thing.” So, there would be a group and other guys to talk to, right?

Well, as soon as they arrived, he realized that he was the only guy there.

To be honest, though, he was fine with it at first. He claimed that he got along with her friends and just wanted to make his girlfriend happy.

But unfortunately, his girlfriend and her friends seemed to have other plans in mind. He claims that as soon as they all got together, all of the girls just straight-up ignored him.

“Every time I tried to join a conversation or spend time with my girlfriend, I got frozen out like I was intruding,” he recalled.

Then, he asked his girlfriend if she wanted to go through the corn maze with him in an effort to spend some time together.

But he claims that his girlfriend’s friends looked at him as if he were some creepy guy at a bar. Then, they all had to go into the corn maze with him.

Dasha Petrenko – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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