She Accused Her Sister-In-Law Of Being Envious Of Her At A Dinner With Her In-Laws, And Then Her Sister-In-Law Started Sobbing

mtsaride - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

A 38-year-old woman currently works as a high school teacher, and she teaches chemistry and math.

She’s taught for her entire career, and she truly can say that she adored her job. She is married, with 2 children, and her husband works in a college as a lecturer.

Now, she has had a passion for interior design for as long as she can remember, and the apartment that she and her family live in is something that she designed herself.

She’s done such a good job that many people in her life constantly talk about her eye for design, and her loved ones constantly want to know she can help them out designing their own homes.

Back when the pandemic hit, one of her colleagues wanted her to help her design the home office her husband used.

She agreed to do that, and her colleague went on social media to share photos of her work. Well, the post pretty much went viral, and a ton of people that knew her colleague were suddenly reaching out to her to ask if she could help design spaces for them too.

These people all offered to pay her for her work, and so she was making money off of her hobby. She then began a social media account to showcase her work, and her hobby started growing.

She was asked to decorate more home offices and even gyms, too.

“When people started going back to work, I started designing for companies,” she explained. “Now I even do restaurants, hotels, etc.”

mtsaride – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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