She Calls This Recipe “The Original Pumpkin Pie” And She Actually Serves It Inside Of A Real Pumpkin

Thanksgiving isn’t complete without a pumpkin pie or two gracing our dinner tables. Nowadays, it’s an extremely popular dessert that Americans enjoy every fall. But how did pumpkin pie begin to be associated with the Thanksgiving holiday?

Hundreds of years ago, early American settlers, known as the Pilgrims, were gifted pumpkins from Native American tribes.

The Pilgrims made pumpkin pies of sorts. They didn’t have access to flour so instead of making pie crusts, they hollowed out the inside of the pumpkin, filled it with custard, and roasted it over the fire.

It is now known as the original pumpkin pie. This kickstarted the tradition of serving the beloved dessert every year.

Colleen (@colleenscooking) on TikTok shared her version of the original pumpkin pie for viewers to recreate. It’ll be an excellent conversation starter and a great way to give your family a taste of history. Let’s get into the recipe!


-A small sugar pumpkin about 5-6 inches in height and 12-15 inches in circumference

-3/4 cup of sugar

TikTok; pictured above is Colleen’s original pumpkin pie

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