She Dumped Her Boyfriend, But Then Her Dad Told Her He Had Bought A Ring And Was Going To Propose

olenachukhil - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

A 32-year-old woman spent the last 9 years dating her 33-year-old boyfriend, and she does say that she was always pretty happy with him.

She did feel that she had to make a couple of compromises for him, though, but she knew it was worth it as she was in love with him.

She planned on marrying him one day, and he had been promising to propose to her for years. He pleaded with her to be patient, as he said it was all in the works.

Well, a month ago, she wound up getting into a blowout fight with him over cakes. He picked up some cakes and didn’t think to get some for her, which really did make her feel sad.

She wanted him to think of her and do something for her, like pick up cake, as she believes little things add up.

When she did say that she was sad, he freaked out on her and berated her for being too sensitive and expecting him to do things for her.

After he lost it on her, it was like a switch inside of her flipped.

“…I realized I don’t want to live this life forever,” she explained. “After that day, I think I kind of checked out, and yesterday I decided to end it.”

“He was devastated, and I was very sad and felt like s*** because he is a good man despite his shortcomings (nobody’s perfect). And today, I find out from my dad that he was planning to propose for a few months now and even bought me a ring which he kept at work, which now has me questioning everything.”

olenachukhil – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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