She Kicked Her Niece Out After Her Niece Kept Bullying Her Daughter, Who Is A Teen Mom

kjekol - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

When this forty-eight-year-old woman first got pregnant with her daughter, Amelia, her ex left before his daughter was born. So, she has been a single mother whose world revolves around Amelia ever since.

Her daughter is now seventeen-years-old, and this year, Amelia also became a teen mom to her one-month-old grandson, Owen.

Despite all of the stereotypical assumptions and judgments about teen mothers, though, she could not be more proud of her daughter.

“I’m obviously not proud of Amelia for being a teen mother, but I am extremely proud of her for how she is handling everything,” she explained.

“Amelia is an amazing mother, and she is still doing very well at school.”

Her daughter is also still dating Owen’s father, Raymond– who is also seventeen and reportedly a lovely young man. So, Amelia, Raymond, and baby Owen have all been living in her home together, and she has been supporting them financially.

She is also a lawyer who is lucky enough to have a flexible work-from-home schedule– which means that while Amelia and Raymond are at school, she is able to care for her grandson.

Then, whenever she is needed in the office, Raymond’s parents look after Owen. His parents also pitch in for Owen’s care expenses as well.

And honestly, this system had been working quite perfectly until just last week, when her nineteen-year-old niece Stephanie entered the picture.

kjekol – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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