She Said She Would Not Babysit Her Friend’s Son So Often Anymore Unless She Was Given Legal Rights In The Event Of An Emergency, And Her Friend Freaked Out

Alena Ozerova - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This twenty-eight-year-old woman has been living with her good friend, who is thirty, in an apartment that she has owned for a little while now.

For context, she has been close with her friend for about a decade now, and they have lived together on a few separate occasions over the years.

Then, when she finally decided to purchase her own place, her friend ended up asking to move in again.

“It was a good deal. My friend gets to save to buy by paying reduced rent, and I get some help with the mortgage,” she explained.

However, her friend’s background has recently led her to have some serious concerns about their living arrangement.

Apparently, her friend hails from a very religious family that does not believe in premarital intimacy, drinking alcohol, or other activities. And in recent years, her friend decided to stray from her family’s more conservative practices.

But shockingly, her friend’s parents were actually okay with that and accepted her friend’s choices. The only catch, though, was that her friend was expected to keep that side of her life hidden from the family.

So, that arrangement worked for a while. Well, that was until this past year, when her friend had a one-night stand, wound up pregnant, and actually decided to keep the baby.

Following that news, her friend’s very religious family actually disowned her. And while her friend was heartbroken by the reality, her friend was also not super surprised.

Alena Ozerova – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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