She Went Out On A Third Date With A Guy Who Tried To Force Her To Hook Up With Him Even Though She Repeatedly Said No And What She Has To Say Is A Very Powerful Message For Anyone To Hear

This is a serious problem in dating that people don’t always talk about. No matter what anyone thinks, forcing your date to do something that they are uncomfortable with is absolutely not okay.

Whether your “expectations” are different from theirs or not, if they aren’t comfortable taking the date to the next level– end of conversation.

Unfortunately, for TikToker @a.lexis.g, these rules are not always respected. The problem here is that when people’s boundaries aren’t respected and are pushed further than they are comfortable with, there’s a lot of psychological damage that can come from that.

Alexis is someone who really suffered from a bad date experience like this, where her date tried to force her to go further than she was comfortable with. Rightfully so, she is clearly very emotional about the entire situation in her TikTok video.

“I just got home from my date– clearly it didn’t go well,” she said while tearing up.

What can be suspicious about a situation like this is that it’s not always easy to tell at first if you don’t feel comfortable around your date.

“This was our second date,” she said. “We’ve talked for a few weeks, um, we got along really well. The first date went really good.”

Given that her first date went well with him and that they had some good conversations together, the idea that he could turn on her and be so manipulative was shocking. Although the second date was going well, things started to take a turn when he offered for her to come back to his apartment.

TikTok; pictured above is Alexis in her video

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