She Woke Up this Morning To Discover That Her Roommate Decorated Their House For Christmas, And She Wants To Tear Down The Decorations As Soon As Her Roommate Heads Home For Thanksgiving This Week

viktoria_koks - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

A 24-year-old girl currently shares a house with her 29-year-old roommate named Ashley, and Ashley has lived there a lot longer than she has.

The house has 2 bedrooms, and she and Ashley split the rent equally and they each have their own rooms.

She frequently feels like Ashley doesn’t respect that it is her house too and that Ashley acts as if she’s the homeowner.

Anyway, this week Ashley will be heading home to spend Thanksgiving with her family. She asked Ashley if it would be ok for her to invite 3 people over to their house to spend Thanksgiving with her while Ashley is gone.

Ashley had no problem with her wanting to have guests over, and Ashley let her know it’s completely alright.

Well, this morning, she woke up to discover that Ashley decorated their whole house for Christmas, and she has a serious problem with this.

“I mean a full natural cut tree in the living room, plus mini Christmas trees on the tables, 3′ nutcracker sentries in the hall, Christmas villages set out, stockings hanging from the fireplace, Christmas pillows on the couch, the full 9 yards (Ashley goes to bed way later than I do, and I had heard her being loud at night but didn’t feel like getting out of bed to investigate),” she explained.

“And I just feel so sad. I don’t mean to sound like a grinch, but it is too early for all of that. And Ashley’s leaving in a couple of days anyways, so it feels like she could have waited. The main reason it makes me so sad is that I’m hosting my Thanksgiving here and it’s already decked out for the season of commercialism.”

“If this had all gone up after Christmas, I’d be fine with it. And if she’d asked me, we could have compromised. But instead, she redecorated the whole house without me. I’m going to talk to her when I get home from work today. I’m not even sure what a fair ask would be at this point in the game, but I will let her know that this felt like it trampled my boundaries.”

viktoria_koks – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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