She’s Talking About All Of The Terrifying Things That Happened In The House She Grew Up In

arrowsmith2 - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Although Halloween is well over, it doesn’t mean that scary stories cease to exist. We’ve found one that we cannot stop thinking about!

A woman recently shared some stories about the house she grew up in, and they are pretty crazy. When she was eight-years-old, she moved into a country house with her mom, stepdad, and two younger siblings.

As soon as they moved in, she noticed that the house had an eerie vibe to it. Little did she know, she would start seeing things that would scare anyone.

Not long after her family moved into the house, she began seeing a little boy. She’d see him crying in the kitchen or her little brother’s room. She would ask him what was wrong but didn’t know how to communicate with him.

“I kept telling my mom that a little boy in the kitchen kept waking me up at night, but she never believed me,” she explains. “For a few years, it was just the little boy, but that all changed very quickly.”

As she grew older and tension started building between her parents, tension grew in the house as well.

She described it as a hostile environment and that things continued to spiral downward when her stepdad moved out.

At night, she could see her bedroom door open and close by itself. She would hear banging noises throughout the halls and would even get a heavy feeling in her body whenever she stood near the entrance to the basement.

One time when she actually went down into the basement, she swears she saw people chained up to the walls, creepily staring at her.

arrowsmith2 – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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