This 18-Year-Old Aspiring Journalist Got In Serious Trouble With Her High School And Parents For Heading To A Homeless Camp To Interview Their Former Star Football Player

GCapture - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

An 18-year-old girl currently attends high school, and she dreams of being a journalist one day. She believes she can be a change in the world via reporting on stories, and she doesn’t really care if she has to put herself and her safety in jeopardy in order to do this.

Now, 2 years back, there was a guy who overcame a number of challenges to graduate from her high school.

He then got signed to play football at a very well-known college, and everyone knew he was then going to go on to be part of the NFL.

“I wrote several stories on him and his family,” she explained. “I learned recently that he never left town to go to the college, and he’s now living in a homeless camp.”

“I wanted to do a follow-up for my original stories, so on Thursday night, I did some digging on social media and found out where he was probably and went to the camp.”

“He wasn’t at the first two I tried, but eventually, I found someone who knew him, and they directed me to a third camp. I found him and interviewed him (I don’t want to go into the interview here because I’m still hoping to write the story).”

After she interviewed her high school’s former football star in the homeless camp where he currently lives, she informed her teacher that she had done this.

She fully anticipated that her teacher would commend her for being so diligent about getting the scoop on this story, but that’s not how things played out at all.

Instead, her teacher was livid with her for putting herself at risk just to get this interview. Her teacher then told the principal of their school about what she did too.

GCapture – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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