This Hilarious TikTok Video About A Woman Wanting To Go Home After Being On Vacation With Her Family Has Inspired Us To Give You 5 Essential Tips You Need For Surviving Your Next Family Vacation

If you have ever gone on an extended family vacation, then you know that the last few days can be excruciating. Everyone is always exhausted, out of conversation starters, and often just utterly sick of each other.

One TikToker named Kayla even recently went viral for chronicling her relatable end-of-family-vacay mood.

“When you have been on vacation for eleven days straight now,” she said before recording each member of her family, who looked totally over it. The video was even set to the ultra-famous TikTok soundbite “I wanna go home.” How fitting.

And if you are one of the tens of millions of Americans vacationing with family this summer, then you can likely relate to Kayla. You also might be wondering how the heck people come out of these family getaways without losing their sanity.

If so, you are in luck. Here are the top five tips for surviving your next family vacation.

Plan. Everything.

Miscommunications are traditionally a cornerstone of family vacations. But, they do not have to be. Instead of getting mad at family members for running late to dinner or dealing with someone upset they are not getting to do what they wanted, an itinerary can help remove all of the confusion and anger.

And while it may sound like a lot of effort to sit down and create one with your family before a trip, it will honestly save you many more headaches in the long run.

TikTok; pictured above is Kayla in her hilarious video

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