This Kind-Hearted Man Was Brutally Attacked By A Mob On Halloween

On Halloween Day, everyone expects to be frightened by compelling costumes or struck with terror while walking through a haunted house of horrors.

However, one Hawaiian man endured something truly horrific on this spooky holiday that wasn’t part of any fun, freaky activities.

The night of Halloween, Nui was brutally attacked by a mob of men in Waikiki. They knocked him unconscious and continued to hit him in the head and face with bars and shovels even after he was no longer responding.

Nui had done nothing to provoke the attack; it was a completely random event. Nevertheless, he was left with multiple injuries, including cuts and abrasions all over his face and head, a fractured jaw and nose, and an orbital fracture.

He might need a metal plate to stabilize the right side of his face since there are many fractures in that area. As of right now, Nui is staying in the hospital for further assessment.

Chelsea describes Nui, her cousin, as “the most kind-hearted, mellow, loving guy you could be fortunate enough to know.”

He had also recently gotten a promotion and was out celebrating with his friends on that fateful night.

Sadly, it is unknown when Nui will be able to return to work because of all his severe injuries.

GoFundMe; pictured above is Nui

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