This Mom Told Her Daughter That If She Doesn’t Want To Live With Her Sister, She Can Go Find Somewhere Else To Live

Piotr Marcinski - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A mom has 2 daughters, a 19-year-old named Lorna and a 23-year-old named Chloe. Now, she and her husband own a house in a rural area, and then 5 months ago, they bought a 2-bedroom apartment in a major city that’s about a 3-hour car ride from them.

When she and her husband bought the apartment, they figured they could enjoy it for weekend getaways.

But, 2 years ago, Chloe applied to a college located in that exact city where their apartment was located, and she got accepted.

She and her husband figured it would be good for Chloe to live in the apartment while they paid for all of her utilities.

Chloe is currently still in school, and she will be graduating in 2 years.

“This year, Lorna got accepted into the same university, and she asked us if she could stay in the apartment with Chloe,” she explained “We didn’t see why not and informed Chloe that her sister was going to be joining her.”

“Chloe was really angry and said that we should’ve asked her if it was okay, and said that she needs her own space. We reminded Chloe that they’ll be able to have their own bedrooms and that it’s only a temporary arrangement until she graduates and finds a job.”

“Chloe told us that’s not the point. She said that she already uses the spare bedroom as her study room and that she doesn’t want to live with Lorna. She said that Lorna is annoying and that she likes living on her own.”

Her husband quickly pointed out to Chloe that she was living in the apartment that they owned without paying a dime, so Lorna was entitled to the same arrangement.

Piotr Marcinski – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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