He Just Got Married To His Wife, But Now She Wants To Have An Open Relationship, And There’s Already A Guy She Wants To Pursue Something With

illustrissima - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

A 30-year-old guy pretty much just got married to his 29-year-old wife, and they have been with one another since they were in their early 20s.

Surprisingly, his wife just revealed to him that she wants to have an open relationship, as she apparently no longer believes in having a monogamous relationship.

She then mentioned to him that she believes going for an open marriage will help their own relationship out, though he can’t exactly see how.

“She also feels that she has missed out on a big part of her life because she has not had many partners and feels like it is something she needs to get out of her system,” he explained.

“That being said, a few weeks after letting me know that she wants an open marriage, she told me that she did have someone in mind that she would like to explore a…relationship with.”

“It is somebody she knew from her hometown, and while working in a coffee shop one day, her interest in him (which she has always had) was reignited.”

His wife is currently seeking his approval in order to pursue this guy, and she has fully admitted that she wants to date him while her goal, in the end, is to sleep with this other guy.

He’s not happy about his wife’s new revelation, and he really has no interest in letting her go for this other guy, let alone agreeing to an open relationship.

He signed up for monogamy, and that’s what he expects; having his wife to himself, not having to share her.

illustrissima – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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