He Refused To Taking His Baby Mama’s Daughter With Him On A Trip To Disneyland And Only Took His Son, But Now His Baby Mama Is Bitter

Laugesen - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

8 years ago, this guy ended up getting a girl pregnant just months before they both graduated from college.

Things were not serious between them, but they welcomed their son, and then his baby mama ended up with full custody of his son.

Despite that, he does spend a lot of time with his son, and he does pay child support for him too.

While he does get along well with his son, the situation with his baby mama is another story entirely.

“She resents me for what happened, and honestly, I’d rather have that hostility towards me than towards our son, so that’s fine by me,” he explained.

So, now his son is 8-years-old, and his baby mama wound up having a daughter with another man about 6 years ago.

He never pays attention to his baby mama’s daughter, even though this little girl’s dad isn’t in her life, as this is not his child.

This brings us to the present: his girlfriend wanted to go to Disneyland to celebrate her birthday, and he figured it would be nice to bring his son with them.

His son has never gotten to experience Disneyland, and he knows kids are obsessed with the place, so he approached his baby mama about the plan.

Laugesen – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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