Her Brother And Sister-In-Law Don’t Want Her To Take Her 11-Year-Old Niece Skiing Anymore, But They Also Want Her To Lie About The Real Reason Why And She Is Refusing

marko - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This twenty-nine-year-old woman has an older brother named Hugo, who is thirty-one. But, back when Hugo was just nineteen, he got his then-girlfriend Amy pregnant.

Amy and Hugo went on to have a daughter together– Ashley– and also got married. Later, the couple also welcomed another child into the world, but this time, it was a baby boy.

Anyway, her niece Ashley is now eleven-years-old, and over the years, they have become quite close. Even though she lives abroad, she always made an effort to hang out with Ashley whenever she was home in order to build a close relationship.

They would often shop together, watch shows, go horseback riding, and more. Then, whenever she was away, she and Ashley would keep in contact over text.

“Ashley is bright and thoughtful, just a pleasure to be around,” she said.

And even though Ashley’s mother, Amy, has never liked her that much, Amy has put those feelings aside so she and Ashley could have a tight-knit aunt-niece relationship.

This Christmas, though, she and her boyfriend plan to visit her family for the holiday before leaving to go on a ski trip.

And originally, Ashley was supposed to go skiing with her and then stay with her and her boyfriend for New Year’s Eve.

Amy apparently was never too keen on that plan but initially said yes– particularly because of how excited Ashley was to spend time with her and learn how to ski.

marko – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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