Her Estranged Sister Saw Her Elaborate Christmas Decorations On Social Media And Tried To Invite Their Family Over For Christmas Day, But She Said That Neither Her Sister Nor Her Sister’s Family Was Welcome To Celebrate The Holiday With Her

Tijana - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This thirty-two-year-old woman honestly does not get along with her family at all. In fact, she has actually been no contact with her parents for over ten years now.

And at this point in her life, she is not focused on the past but rather on building her and her family a better life.

She has since gotten married to her husband, who is thirty-five, and they have two children together– a daughter who is five and a son who is two.

Her husband also grew up in the foster care system his entire childhood, so neither of them had a great upbringing.

So, once they finally started to get serious, they dreamed of creating that “picture-perfect family” they always envisioned but never had growing up.

And for her, a part of having a happy little family is celebrating the Christmas season to its fullest. So, she has been doing literally everything within her power to make the holiday feel especially magical for herself, her husband, and her kids.

She has decorated every single room in her house, including the bathrooms, and has put up elaborate Christmas decorations and twinkly lights on the exterior of her home.

“I stuff advent calendars, make cookies almost every day, have matching pajamas, send postcards for our friends, etc. Also, we go all out on gifts for our kids,” she said.

Just last year, though, she reconnected with her sister. They primarily speak online but did have one in-person meeting when her sister came to town.

Tijana – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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