Her Fiancé Just Told Her That He Needs To Take A Break And Look At His Other Options, And Then He Blamed Her Being Too Freaky In Bed As The Reason Why He Can’t Look At Her As Wife Material

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A 35-year-old woman has spent nearly 6 years with her 38-year-old fiancé James, and back when they originally began seeing one another, she made it clear what she wanted.

She told James she was ready to settle down and have children (she was in her late 20s) and that she would not change her mind about wanting those things.

James revealed to her that he was on the same page; he also was interested in having children, but he was not positive about how many children he wanted to welcome into the world.

He then insisted that he was looking for a woman that he could start a family with on the earlier side, so by all means, it seemed that their goals for the future aligned.

3 years ago, James actually proposed to her, but in the years since he popped the question, he’s made it more and more clear to her that they’re never going to be making it to the altar.

At first, James was throwing out names of different wedding planners they could hire. He was asking his brother-in-law to take the role of best man.

But then, he was firing their wedding planner in secret and making sure he had no free time in his schedule to even have a wedding.

She then thought that therapy could be a good solution for the both of them in order to work through whatever was going on, but James stopped coming.

On that day, her therapist turned to her and stated they could not convince James to do anything he did not feel like doing.

Magryt – – illustrative purposes only

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