Her Husband Used Their Elf On The Shelf To Bully Their Kids And Totally Ruined Her Son’s Birthday, So She Threw Away The Elf, Kicked Her Husband Out On Christmas Eve, And Now Is Being Accused Of “Ruining Christmas”

Viktoria - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual child

This thirty-five-year-old woman and her husband, Miles, who is thirty-seven, have three kids together. Their two sons– Lucas and Andy– are eight and nine-years-old, respectively. They also have a daughter named Claire, who is five-years-old.

Now, Lucas is technically from her husband’s past relationship, and Andy is from her prior marriage. However, they have each accepted each other’s children as their own.

Anyway, Andy was actually born on December 24– Christmas Eve. So, the entire winter holiday is very special to her son.

In fact, her husband Miles even started a tradition and told Andy that Santa Claus considered him a “kid of Christmas.” That way, Andy felt magical and special– and she always tried to keep that going.

For instance, last Christmas, she even left some “Santa Claus” footsteps in their home and ate the carrot and “grass” that Andy had left out for Rudolf.

Apparently, though, her husband was actually not a fan of her efforts to give Andy additional feelings of Christmas magic. Instead, Miles actually viewed it as favoritism and even asked that she stop doing it.

Now, she wholeheartedly disagreed with her husband’s belief that she was favoring Andy– particularly because Miles was the one who created an entire “kid of Christmas” tradition centered around just Andy anyway.

But she did not fight her husband on it, and they came up with another holiday tradition instead.

More specifically, Miles suggested they get an Elf On The Shelf. And even though she had no idea how that worked, he explained it to her and said he would take over “Elf duty.”

Viktoria – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual child

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